Bee-Bots Hive (1 hive; 6 Bee-Bots) In Stock Now

The rechargeable Bee-Bot is a precision floor robot made to offer very young children their first programming challenge. When children play with the Bee-Bot they are engaging in logical thinking, programming, developing a command language, and making decisions. Making the Bee-Bot move involves pressing a directional button such as the forward arrow followed by the 'go' button .- and away it runs - precisely one body length. Press 'forward' and 'go' again and it will go forward, then forward again... cleverly it has remembered both steps and will preform the sequence. Using this step-by-step approach to build sequences soon leads to the realization that longer chains of commands can be selected before the go button is pressed to enable the Bee-Bot to get exactly where required as part of a bigger sequence.

One Bee-Bots Hive includes six Bee-Bots.